Ethical and Sustainability Policy

Wallthentic is a company modeled towards caring for people and the planet. We believe that our activities (our own, but also those of our providers and customers) should inspire positive social and behavioral changes for a better world and lifestyles, which will make the future cleaner, greener and fairer – a world that everyone can enjoy and we can be proud of.

We are aware that we have already taken some important steps in the sense of being even more aware and yet more sustainable:

The materials we use on our products are durable and therefore, a sustainable option. They are also biodegradable when left in nature.

The packaging of our products can (and must) be recyclable.

At our office:

  • We print only what is strictly necessary, and in most cases, the printed documents are intended for use by/with third parties.
  • Although it is known that the consumption of energy used by the WEB corresponds to the consumption of a country like Denmark (or even more), we favor digital, as this remains the best means we have so that we can reduce it in other resources (such as paper, plastic, etc.). Intimately committed to also reducing our consumption in digital, we transfer large files through platforms that delete the data a week after sending and make sure that we do not send irrelevant emails. Local storage, well managed, remains our preferred option to avoid unnecessary uses.
  • We reused old archival paper before we recycled it.
  • The lighting in our offices is all LED.

Recognizing that we have a responsibility to conserve and protect the environment, we are committed to minimizing our environmental impact, continuously improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our strategy.

We work so that our commercial practices respect the planet, but are also conducted with ethical integrity, honesty, and respect for the people impacted by our activities. Therefore, at Wallthentic, we do not work with customers who directly promote:

  • Fossil fuels or initiatives that emit large amounts of carbon, without a true vision and scientific confirmation that the initiative has based for sustainable integrals;
  • A proven track record of lobbying against the environment;
  • A proven track record of lobbying against positive change;
  • Weapons, ammunition, and conflicts;
  • Discrimination or extremism;
  • Games of chance, tobacco or unhealthy products for children;
  • Predatory financial services, such as loan sharks;
  • Any known discrimination against less represented communities.

We understand that our values ​​are not always easy to follow and that, therefore, there is no “perfect” company. It is necessary to take one step at a time, seeking to find balance in each situation.

In the case of customers who do not share partially or totally our social, ethical, and environmental values, we strive even more to get our message across and to realize the benefits for themselves and their businesses, but also for communities that belong and to the world.

This policy is effective as of January 2021.