Gathering Feelings

The Wallthentic story is very simple. It was born from the dream of three guys, brothers in life, united not only by our DNA but also by our ambitions. When we were together in those normal family gatherings in our parents’ house, or even in our own places, we´ve always felt that there was something missing in those spaces. The feelings that truly matters were there, the people, the friendship, the laugh, everything was there, but, something wasn’t right, the space was not the reflection of those who were in it.  And, in an “of course” moment wallthentic was born. In a blink of an eye creativity kicked in and we´ve started to design and make décor pieces, modern and irreverent, accessible to everyone, that could be a part of the memories and gatherings of all of those who feel their houses as extensions of their personalities, their families and their friends because we believe that a Wall should be as authentic as those who live with them. 

The ideas are always floating in, so stay tuned because awesomeness is about to happen at any time!